Are Gmail addresses case-sensitive?

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do capital letters matter in Gmail addresses

Gmail is the number one web-based email client, there is no doubt about it. Most of the big companies use Gmail as their mode of business communications. More than a billion people use Gmail for various purposes. But the question which we will try to answer is related to Gmail accounts.

It is more about how to create a good Gmail account. Are Gmail addresses case-sensitive and do capital letters matter in Gmail addresses?

So, if you have the same questions in mind or are about to create a Gmail account, read this article. This will help you formulate a good google account.

Does Capitalization Matter In Email Addresses?

The shore answer is No. The value of capitalization when it comes to setting passwords is immense. However, capitalization does not matter in email addresses. Capital or small, email servers will read it the same way. However, you may see the letters (small or capital) the way you have chosen them while creating your account.

What is Case Sensitive?

First, let us take a look at what does being case sensitive actually means. We all know very well that there are two cases used in the English language. One is upper case (also known as capital letters) and the other one is lower case (also known as small letters).

Being case sensitive means that using upper case having different outcomes than using lower case letters.

Does Case matter in Gmail?

No, Gmail is not case sensitive and the same goes for Gmail addresses.

There are two parts to every email address whether of Gmail or of any other email service provider. The first part which comes before the “@” sign is known as the local part of your email, whereas the second part which comes after “@” is called the domain part.

It does not matter what part you write in which case. Gmail won’t see any difference when it comes to email addresses. Even if you write the Gmail address in capital letters, your mail will reach the right person/user.

For example, if you are trying to reach an email address “[email protected]”. You can send the mail to either one of the below-mentioned examples. Your email will reach its intended Gmail destination.


All these Gmail accounts represent one single Google email account.

Is Google dot sensitive?

Being dot sensitive means, the dot changes the entire address when you use it in your email address. Gmail is neither case sensitive nor dot sensitive. You can use a Gmail address even with adding dots in it and the mail would still reach the desired person.

For Example:

All the above-mentioned emails would be treated as the same in Gmail.

Is Email Case Sensitive?

Email is a bit different than Gmail and it depends on the service provider. Mostly the answer to this question is no, but in some cases, it does matter. It is not case sensitive in the domain part (the part which comes after @), but it is sensitive in the local part of the email address. For example, abc@domain will not be the same as ABC@domain.

How to Avoid Confusion

We recommend not to use cases in Gmail accounts as it can cause confusion. If you have mixed cases in your email, it can cause confuse others and you as well. It is hard to remember which part of the email account is in the upper or lower case. Also, you may forget to change the case while typing.

Make sure to eliminate everything which can cause confusion in the delivery of your email. Below mentioned are some of the things which you can do to prevent any possible confusion while sending or receiving an email.

•          Make sure you use only the lower-case letters while making an email address. Avoid using an upper case or mixed case to prevent confusion.

•          Avoid unusual or whimsical spellings as much as possible. It can cause a number of confusions as well as are very difficult to remember sometimes.

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Final Words

Gmail addresses are not case sensitive so capitalization does not matter. Whatever case you use, your email will read to the right Google account. However, this is not the case for all email service providers. So, make sure to keep the useful tips in mind that we have mentioned above.

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