Are Macs Good for Gaming?

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Are Macs Good for Gaming

Let’s be honest, the very thought of iMac gaming is absurd. Macs are great for work but not so good for gaming. The answer lies in their hardware configuration and operating system. Gaming requires raw hardware power that Apple macs lack and there are not many games that you can run on macOS.

Even the most powerful Macs emphasize software optimization than hardware power. They have intriguing designs, superb chassis, and superb software, but they are not meant for gaming. The best Macs can do is run some entry-level web games.

This article covers information about the best apple computers for gaming. Also, we have discussed the reason why macs are not good for AAA gaming.

Why Macs Aren’t Good for Gaming?

Apple computers are known for their form and seamless performance. It is right to say that the brand puts form before functionality. Still, Apple Macs (both iMacs and MacBooks) are ideal workstations. Even the cheapest Macs can deliver smooth performance, thanks to brilliant software optimization.

However, when it comes to gaming, it is a different story. The harder on Macs are not so suitable for hardcore gaming.

I.          Hardware Choice for iMac Gaming

Cheap Macs feature an Intel Iris Plus graphics card, which is good for light tasks. Apple offers Radeon Pro GPUs on its powerful computers, but even these are not suitable for gaming. And we know gaming required powerful graphics cards with additional VRAM.

II.        Number of Games

Macs run on macOS instead of the Windows operating system. There are not many games that you can play on Apple computers. Most developers design games for Windows OS, which has more users. As a result, there are a few games that you can run smoothly on iMacs and MacBooks.

III.       Price to Productivity Value

Aside from the hardware, price is another major factor why iMac gaming is not so popular. Apple computers are expensive and cost way more than other devices. You can easily buy a good gaming desktop PC for half the price of an Apple device. In fact, you can buy powerful hardware at half the price.

Nevertheless, gaming on Macs is becoming popular now. You can run AAA titles after getting an integrated or dedicated GPU for your Apple computer. Plus, the hardware on the latest Apple computers is more powerful.

What is the Best Apple Computer for Gaming?

In case you still want to try iMac gaming, we have put together a list for you. There are some Macs that you must avoid and there are some Apple computers that are good for gaming.

Macs that are not good for gaming

The Mac mini and MacBook Air are the two Apple devices that you must avoid. These Apple computers are not good for gaming. Unless you like to play common web games, do not use these two Macs for gaming.

Macs that are great for gaming

The new 24-inch iMac is the best Apple computer for gaming. In case you need an Apple laptop for gaming, then go for the MacBook Pro. These are the two best Macs if you want to savour iMac gaming.

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Short Summary

Apple Macs can run heavy programs, but they are not suitable for gaming. They are basically meant for software optimization and thus make great workstations. However, there are some devices that make the best apple computers for gaming. But their prices make iMac gaming an expensive hobby.

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