Can You Play Overwatch on Mac?

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Can You Play Overwatch on Mac

The answer is mystifying and depends on whom you are asking. More importantly in which sense you are asking the question. The short answer to “Can you play Overwatch on Mac?” is No. But with a few tweaks, you can run Overwatch on Mac. This article covers both aspects of the answer in detail, so keep reading.

For a clear perspective, we have divided the article into two parts.

  • Does Overwatch run on Mac?
  • Can you play Overwatch on Mac?

But first, let’s take a little peek at the game.

A little about the Overwatch

Overwatch is a first-person shooting (FPS) game that you can play with your friends. The game involves 32 characters, and each comes with a unique playing style and skillset. The game has earned many awards and has a passionate fan following.

Overwatch is not dead and is still popular among players. According to Active Player, a game statistics authority, it is alive if not flourishing. Since the start of 2021, about 6 million people are actively playing the Overwatch game.

Does Overwatch run on Mac?

The short answer is No, Overwatch is not officially supported on macOS. Overwatch is developed by “Blizzard Entertainment” and was released on May 3, 2016. The multiplayer shooter game was announced for Xbox One, PS4, and Windows only. On October 15, 2019, Blizzard also added Overwatch to Nintendo Switch.

Sadly, the Overwatch game is still not compatible with the macOS.

It is possible to play Overwatch on Mac?

The macOS is not suitable for gaming as they are more focused on productivity. And even though Apple is trying to make some changes, it is a long way from being true. So, to run Overwatch on a Mac, you need to find a way around it. That’s where Boot Camp come into play and assists the mac users.

How Can you play Overwatch on Mac?

There are two possible ways to play Overwatch on Mac. However, both involved running the Windows OS on your Apple computer. This way your Mac will be running two Operating Systems. This can easily be done using Boot Camp, a free utility software that allows users to run Windows OS on mac for free.

Boot Camp let you switch between Windows and macOS conveniently. Thus, users can relish the benefits of both Windows and macOS on their Apple devices. Gamers can play Overwatch on Mac using Boot Camp without experiencing many setbacks.

So, if you want to run overwatch on Mac, you must install Windows on it. The simple way is to get a Windows license first. Then use Boot Camp to install Windows and run Overwatch on your mac.

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Short Summary

You cannot run Overwatch on macOS as it does not support Overwatch. However, Apple allows Macintosh users to play Overwatch on Mac by running Windows OS. You can do this using Boot Camp, an official software developed by Apple itself. This free utility software is available on almost all Apple devices.

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