Difference between Email and Gmail

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Difference between Email and Gmail

The difference between an Email and Gmail is microscopic. The term Email means “Electronic mail” and Gmail refers to “Google Mail.” You can use them to send messages containing text, graphics, images, or videos. However, one represents the medium of sending mails while the other is the most popular platform to send emails. In simple words, they both are different but interlinked.

So, when people ask you to send an email, they are referring to the medium. The person is asking you to send files through email or electronic mail. There are many service providers and you can use any of them, including Gmail. But someone mentions Gmail, the person is talking about the email service that Google provides i.e. Gmail.

FYI, Gmail is the most used and most popular email service worldwide.

We hope now you know the difference between email and Gmail. It is a really simple thing to understand. Read further about what is email and Gmail for better understanding.

What is Email (Electronic Mail)?

Email is the transition of information and messages through electronic means. If you are sending or receiving images, videos, text, or any other files to an electronic address, this is an email. Every user has a unique email address which is not the same as other users. You need to have the email address of the other person to send an email to that person. You also need to have an email account of yourself too.

You can use email service using your computer, mobile phone, or any other electronic device. Users can edit these messages in the composing email windows or in any other text editing app. There are many web-based email service providers which are offering their services to consumers.

What is Gmail (Google Mail)?

Gmail is actually a free email service which is Google providing to users. It is a web-based service and is the most popular email service right now. You can access Gmail using your desktop computer, laptop, and mobile. The ease of access and security features are the reason what makes Gmail the best service.

In full form, Gmail means Google Mail. It offers a number of great features which keep you one step ahead of the world. Google offers 15GB of free digital space to each Gmail user for free. So, you can send, receive, and store data in Gmail, Google Drive, and pictures in Google Photos.

Gmail also shows advertisements to the targeted audience. This is how Google makes a profit and keeps things running. But the security features which Gmail provides to its customers are really good.

Main Differences between Email and Gmail

Email is an electronic mail that you send and receive on electronic devices.  Gmail is the email service that Google provides.
Email is the process of sending or receiving information.Gmail is basically the platform that is used to exchange emails.
In a single day, it has a sync time every four hours.Maximum sync time only one hour in a day
It is not involved with any kind of advertisements.Ads are shown to the target audience.

Is Gmail the Same as Email?

As highlighted, Gmail is the same as email. An email is referring to the process of sending or receiving messages and information, whereas Gmail is the service or medium which helps you send and receive emails. Gmail is the most common and best email service which you can use.

What is better Gmail or email?

This is the most common query and the answer is simple. Both of them are the same, as Gmail is an email service. There are many email service providers, but Gmail is probably the best one among them. It has a number of great features which are pretty handy. In addition to this, the security features Gmail offers to ensure your safety and security are not compromised in any way.

Do I need Gmail if I have an email?

You can create an email address if you do not have one. It only takes a few minutes and you will be ready to send emails. In case you already have an email address, you can still create a Gmail account. However, you do not really need Gmail to send or receive files if you are using another email service. But Gmail comes with some benefits which will surely boost your everyday productivity.

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