How to Choose a Pre-Built Gaming Desktop PC

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Gaming Desktop PC

Pre-built gaming PCs are perfect machines for competitive gamers who do not have time to build one. There are plenty of gaming brands with dedicated gaming series. So, you can select one with desired hardware without wasting time on finding the right parts. However, to find the right gaming desktop, you must know about the basics.

You must know about the qualities that can make or break your gaming experience. Pro-level gamers aware of key aspects, but novice players are not so much familiar with these factors. This article covers the basic components of a gaming desktop PC.

Key Factors to look in a Pre-Built Gaming PC

The information we have written down will help you pick the right pre-built gaming computer. In case you are undecided whether to build a gaming desktop or buy one, read our guide on custom vs pre-built PCs.

1) Case Design

Gaming desktops come in varying sizes with different dimensions and visual styles. And there is more to a PC case than just pleasing the eyes. Aside from the aesthetics, a case design also deals with functional aspects. Your gaming PC must connect with the gaming rig and has room for a better cooling system.

In case you do not have a unique size or design in mind, go for a mid-tower PC case. These desktop cases are the best choice for gaming computers. They cover less area, have space for components, and come in a variety of visual preferences.

2) CPU & GPU

The processor is a core component and known as the brain of a computer. It decides the speed of your system and influences the efficiency of all other parts. So, pick a CPU that is speedy and can support your gaming needs. For mid-range gamers, Core i5 gaming PCs are good while Core i7 gaming computers are great for competitive gaming.

The GPU is associated with graphics and visual performance. The better the graphics card in your gaming PC, the more crispy visuals you will see on screen. The selection of CPU also depends on your choice of gaming monitors and your gameplay. For 1080p gaming, you can settle with a moderate GPU. However, you will need a good graphics card for Ultra HD or 4K gameplay.

3) Hardware Selection

After CPU and GPU, you must pay attention to other key hardware. The quantity of RAM and storage in your pre-built gaming PC will play a crucial part. We advise you to get at least 512GB SSD storage with 8GB RAM for mid-range gaming. However, if you are planning to play heavy AAA titles, pick from 16GB RAM PCs with combo storage.

4) Ports and Connectivity

The ports and connectivity options on pre-built gaming PCs are never similar. However, you must ensure that the gaming desktop you choose has the basic port connectivity. Look for USB-C and USB-A ports for connecting both modern and legacy devices. For visual connectivity, get a PC with VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort options.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support is necessary for wireless connectivity on your gaming PC. At least get Wi-Fi 6 support for better networking and internet connectivity. Additionally, look for 3.5mm audio support if you are planning to use gaming headphones. 

5) Cooling and Airflow

Gaming desktop PC are powerful computers that require a cool environment to run smoothly. Gaming brands usually offer pre-built gaming PCs with a quality cooling system. So, your desktop computer will work fine unless you upgrade its components. A component upgrade might affect the performance of the cooling system as more power means more work. So, keep in mind this factor when you decide to customize your gaming PC.

Short Summary

You must consider your needs before choosing a pre-built gaming PC. It depends on what games you will be playing and how you will be playing. Major factors include the case design, CPU and GPU as well as RAM and storage quantity. Port connectivity and cooling system are some other key points that you must consider.

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