How can you Fix Gmail Gmail Attachment Error?

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How to Fix Gmail Gmail attachment Error

Gmail is probably the biggest web-based email host and the most popular email service. It offers a lot of great features to get your message across the right way. You can transfer files including videos images, texts, and much more. But there are some times when you might encounter some error or issues along the way.

Sometimes users face Gmail Won’t Attach Files Error, Gmail attachment error. This can happen for a number of reasons or due to Gmail limitations.

If you are having Gmail attachment errors then you need to look no further. We are going to be telling you guys how you can resolve this issue.

Reasons for Gmail attachment error

Gmail is a really good web host but it still has some sort of limitations to it. You need to check whether or not you are exceeding those limits, which is causing the Gmail attachment error.

• In Gmail you can only attach the files whether audio, video, or text, up to the size of 25MB. Anything exceeding it will not be attached to your mail.

• You might have seen some files which end with .exe. These are the executable files and for security reasons, these files are not allowed to be shared.

• Gmail can be used on only four of the selected browsers, which are Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Just make sure that you are not doing any one of the above-mentioned things, to attach the file properly to your email.

Basic Gmail

Basic Gmail was created for the slower net connections and computer systems. It does not support some of the features of Gmail like Google categories, images, videos, and so on. Check the internet connection and if it is slow then contact your internet service provider to get it fixed. Then try to switch to the newer version of Google to resolve the error. This should help in getting the job done.

Incognito Tab

There are a number of extensions on everyone’s browsers. But sometimes these extensions can cause a bit of interruption in the other operations of your browser. When you surf on the incognito tab the other third-party extensions won’t come in the way. Try using the incognito tab and see if the problem persists.

Gmail Mobile App

It is a smart world we live in and everyone is connected to mobile phones in one way or the other. There is a Google Gmail app on every phone available for both Android and iOS platforms. You can try to send the file attachment through your mobile phone app. If you are having no issue attaching your file through the mobile app, then there is something wrong with the computer browser. If the file is not getting attached even in the mobile phone app, then there might be something wrong with the file you are trying to send.

Check Browser Cache

If you are having some sort of issues with your web operations, then you can also check the cache data of your browser and clean it. Go to the settings on your web browser and find the privacy settings options. Click on it and then you will get another window, where you can erase the cache images and surfing data. This can also resolve any issues which you are having while internet surfing.

Update Browser

If you are having issues attaching files on your computer only, then you should update your browser. You can go to the browser settings and update your browser from there. Going for another browser can also be a good option for you. There are many browsers that can be quite a perfect fit for you.

Corrupt File

Gmail won’t attach your file if you are trying to send a file, which is corrupt or infected with any harmful virus. Check that the file which you are trying to send is free from any malware. Download antivirus and scan those files through it.

Gmail Permissions

Sometimes not having the permissions to perform some actions, would get in the way of performing certain tasks on that apps.  Make sure you have granted the permissions to Gmail. Open the settings and in the permissions then toggle the option to allow.

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Final Word

Well, these were some of the fixes if Gmail won’t attach files in your mail. The steps are pretty simple but get the job done every single time. So next time you get a Gmail attachment error, keep the above-mentioned steps in mind and you will be good to go.

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