How to Fix Gmail Server Error 007 – Three Easy Ways

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How to Fix Gmail Server Error 007

If you are facing Gmail problem 007, you are not alone. Gmail is the most trusted way to communicate and share files. It is easy to use, and you can easily integrate on account on multiple devices. The fact that you can use Gmail on any smart device, anywhere makes it more reliable. However, Gmail stops working sometimes and it can happen for several reasons.

One of these issues is the Gmail Server Error 007.

This article covers the Gmail system error 007. You will know what causes this issue and how you can fix Gmail problem 007.

What Is Gmail Error 007?

Users at times encounter the Gmail Error 007 when they try to send emails. You try to send an email and find out that Gmail Windows is not responding. The user feels stuck to send the message as you will be incapable of clicking on anything. There is literally nothing one can do, you can neither send nor receive emails.

The error 007 on Gmail is shown with a message “please try again in 30 seconds.” But every so often, the users see the following message displaying on their screens:

“oops… a server error happened and your email was once not sent. (#707)”

Why Gmail Server Error #007 Occurs?

The Gmail Server Error #007 takes place when you try to send an email. The system error 007 happens mainly for two reasons.

  • Incorrect File configuration or Settings

The main reason why you are facing Gmail problem 007 is due to the wrong file configuration. Or you might have done some modifications in the settings. An inaccurate file can create a registry issue in your device/computer. Thus, it stops your operating system (Windows) from working properly. As a result, your device fails to respond and the system error 007 is shown.

  • Slow Internet Connection

The slow internet connection may also cause the Gmail Server Error 007. So, you must also check your internet connectivity if you are facing Server Error #007. If this is the case, the issue will resolve once your internet speeds up.

How to Fix Gmail Server Error 007 – 3 Effective Methods

Now that you know why you are seeing the system error 007 on Gmail, let’s resolve it. There are several ways to Fix Error 007 on Gmail. Google recommends users to go along with the following process:

#1. Close and reopen the Gmail.

#2. Reopen your browser.

#3. Update your browser.

#4. Deactivate unnecessary browser extensions.

#5. Clear Your browser’s Cache & Cookies.

#6. Run an antivirus test.

#7. Deactivate “Background Send” in Google Labs.

#8. Try another browser.

In case you need further guidance, we have simplified the process. We gave divided these Gmail Server Error 007 fixing methods into three basic ways. Here is a step-by-step guide for you to fix Error 007 on Gmail.

  • Fixing Gmail Problem 007 Manually
  • As Google recommends, try closing and reopening your Gmail or the browser. In case the issue does not resolve, check if the browser needs an update. You can update your browser by searching for the latest version on the internet.
  • The second step you must take after updating the browser is to check extensions. Make sure the extensions in your browser are enabled. Enable the extensions and restart the browser before you try using Gmail.
  •  In the next step, clear cache and cookies from your browser. And do not forget to clear the registry, and prefetch files.
  • If you are still facing the system error 007, then check the Lab background send. Disable it if the Lab background send is enabled in your browser.

In case the Gmail Server Error 007 still exists, check for antiviruses. If this also does not work, then try the following ways.

  • Using Different Browser to Fix System Error 007

Trying a different browser may help you Fix Error 007 on Gmail. Try another browser in case your antivirus does not show a virus. Also, some antivirus cannot scan the signature mail, so using a different browser is a good idea.

  • Try Using a Different Gmail Account

Although Google has not mentioned this method, it is worth trying. Most of us have more than one Gmail account, so try using a different email account. If you do not have another, you can easily create one. Hopefully, this will resolve the system error 007 and then you can try using your old account.

However, there is no fixed time. We cannot say exactly when and after how much time the issue will resolve. So, try using a different browser if you are in a hurry.

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Short Summary

The Gmail problem 007 occurs due to low internet speed or inaccurate file configuration. You can easily fix error 007 on Gmail by restarting the browser. If this does not work, update your browser, clear the cache files, and try again. You can easily resolve the system error 007 by yourself by following the above steps.

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