How to Level Up Fast in Overwatch | 6 Easy Ways

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How to Level Up Fast in Overwatch

Overwatch levelling is often a tough task for new players. But the good thing is that you can quickly catch up to your friends. The process is easy if you know how to level up fast in Overwatch. All you need to do is stick to a plan. There are some easy ways to level up quickly in Overwatch.

You must know that we are not talking about cheating ways. Playing the game is the fastest way to level up in Overwatch. However, you must know how to play overwatch the right way.

This article covers the basic information about how to level up fast in overwatch. We have discussed the best and easy ways of levelling up overwatch. Also, you will know how you can earn more experience points in overwatch.

How does Overwatch levelling work?

Levelling up in overwatch is like most other FPS games. Players jump to overwatch levels after earning experience points (XP) in overwatch battles. You can earn XP from Quick Match games as well as Play vs AI mode. However, a Quick Match battle is more rewarding in overwatch because of greater difficulty.

How to Level Up Fast in Overwatch?

Six easy ways that are best for fast overwatch levelling include:

  1. Play at least one game a day. (1500 XP Bonus)
  2. Play consecutive matches.
  3. Play with your friends. (20% XP)
  4. Try Total Mayhem. (Extra XP & Loot)
  5. Give out your endorsements. (50 XP)
  6. Don’t abandon games.

What is the max level in Overwatch?

There is no level cap in Overwatch. Players can continue to level up in Overwatch and can go higher. However, the game stops rewarding players after level 1800. In short, Overwatch max level does not exist in the game. And you will get no rewards after hitting level 1800.

How much XP does it take to level up overwatch?

The XP (experience points) increases from level 1 to level 19. You will need 1500 XP to start and 20,000 to level 19. After that, you will need the same XP to level up in overwatch.

Here’s how level progression works in overwatch game.

XP Needed to Level Up Overwatch

Existing LevelXP needed for next level
Level 11500
Level 23000
Level 34,500
Level 46,000
Level 57,500
Level 68,500
Level 79,500
Level 810,500
Level 911,500
Level 1012,500
Level 1113,500
Level 1214,500
Level 1315,500
Level 1416,500
Level 1517,500
Level 1618,500
Level 1719,000
Level 1819,500
Level 19 and above20,000

After level 19, you will need 20,000 XP to level up overwatch.

How is XP calculated in Overwatch?

Here’s how XP is calculated in the overwatch game currently.

  • 4.01 XP for each second you are active in a match.
  • 250 XP if you stay until the end. (Win or lose)
  • 500 XP bonus if you win the match.
  • XP reward based on your medal.
  • Gold Medal (150 XP), Silver (100XP), and Bronze (50 XP).

How to Level Up Fast in Overwatch – Detail Guide

Now that you know how overwatch levelling works, let’s dig into details. Below are the six easy ways how to level up fast in Overwatch.

  • Play Overwatch Everyday

You may think this is obvious, but Overwatch really rewards players for coming back. Each day you can earn 1,500XP bonus points for playing your first game. Amazing, isn’t it?

So, if you want to level up fast in overwatch, play it every day. You can earn bonus XP after your first game which will help levelling overwatch.

  • Play Consecutive Matches

Overwatch rewards its players for playing consecutive matches. So, stick to back-to-back games to get your hands on additional XP. Instead of leaving the game after securing the daily XP bonus, go for some extra games. The more you play, the more XP you will earn for staying in each game.

  • Play with Your Friends

Playing with your friends is one of the fastest ways to level up in Overwatch. You can earn 20% XP when you play the game with your buddies. The best part is that this works for all seven overwatch game modes. This is an easy way of levelling overwatch that you can follow.

  • Try Total Mayhem in Arcade

The “Total Mayhem” was introduced as a brawl for amusement. However, this was later elevated to the full Arcade game mode in Overwatch.

Total Mayhem gives you more XP as you last longer in the game. The Overwatch Total Mayhem allows the players to apply random modifiers. These changes increase your chances of gaining more XP, extra loot, and Eridium. However, the total mayhem also boosts the level of your enemies.

  • Give Out Endorsements

You probably have heard that “a little appreciation goes a long way.” The same is true when you are playing overwatch. You will get an additional 50 XP for giving out each endorsement at the end of the game.

An Overwatch endorsement is a social function of the game. You can level up fast not only by receiving endorsements but also by giving them. As a player, you can give out three endorsements to fellow players at the end. The best part is that you can give overwatch endorsements can be given to any team player.

You can give them to your own teammates or enemy players. Giving out or getting endorsements is another way for levelling overwatch.

  • Don’t Quit Games

The worst thing that you can do is leave a game before ending. Abandoning the Overwatch game can have a bad impact on your levelling. The famous American football coach, Vince Lombardi said:

“Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

And this also implies overwatch levelling as you will get penalised. Once you leave a game in the middle, you will get 75% less XP in the next games. So, never quit the game even if you do not feel like playing. Try to stick even if you are on the losing side.

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Short Summary

Overwatch levelling is easy and you only require basic knowledge. Once you know how to level up fast in overwatch, you can grow quickly. All you need to do is play consecutive games or at least one game daily. Don’t quit games as you will get penalised in the next games for it. Playing each day is the fastest way to level up in Overwatch.

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