Is Clubhouse App The Next Big Thing?

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Is Clubhouse App The Next Big Thing?

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX is known for his futuristic desires and ambitions. However, the former CEO of PayPal is currently in news for his influence over social media apps.

Elon disrupted the digital world on 7 January 2021 with his two-word “Use Signal” tweet. The industrial designer and business magnate is now pushing yet another app: The Clubhouse.

The clubhouse app rose to fame after Elon Musk hosted an audio-chat with Vlad Tenev, the CEO of Robinhood. As soon as the news broke out, the popularity of the app started growing. So far, it is enjoying admiration from users and people are trying to jump on this ship. This leaves us with one question that people are asking about this sensational app.

Is Clubhouse App The Next Big Thing?

Before we jump to a conclusion, let us inform you a little about the Clubhouse app. We have written a brief intro about the app, how it works and how you can join.

What is Clubhouse?

The clubhouse is an audio app that is launched in April 2019. Users can host and take part in audio conversations, like a podcast. However, this is an invite-only application, but it will be open for everyone one soon.

How You Can Join Clubhouse?

There are two ways one can join the Clubhouse app. You can hop in either by receiving an invitation or by joining the waitlist. The former is the quickest and easiest way to join, while the latter is a slow process.

To join Clubhouse, you must get an invitation from a Clubhouse user. Your friends or family members can invite you if they have you’re your phone number. The invitation is sent on the number with a request to download the app. Surprisingly, a user only gets to send two invitations.

The second way is a bit slower and tedious. You have to sign up to be on the Clubhouse waitlist. This may take some time unless a friend or relative found you on the waiting list. Then they can wave you and save you from this misery. Fortunately, this will not consume the invitation and you will receive a wave sooner or later.

How Clubhouse Works

As highlighted earlier, Clubhouse is a social app for audio conversations. This is a platform where you can join, hos, and listen to audio conversations. In many ways, we found it more like old-style chat rooms. You will find a list of different rooms upon opening the Clubhouse.

The user can see who is in each audio room. You can tap the room to join the conversation and can even start your own room. Mostly, conversations in Clubhouse rooms right now are hosted by an authority speaker. It has a certain “TED Talk” vibe to it, as users tend to listen to the speaker.

However, it is an exploring space as so many conversations are happening around the user. You can jump between rooms depending on the speakers and subjects.

Is Clubhouse available on Android?

Unfortunately, the invite-only audio app is just available for iOS users. However, it will be released for Android users, but that may take some time. Until then, Android users have to wait patiently before the ship arrives at Google Play Store.

Clubhouse App: The Next Big Thing

Like TikTok, the Clubhouse has its own fan following which is growing rapidly. The audio app seems like a conversion of chat rooms into audio rooms. It is based on the podcasting idea and provides users a way to communicate, share knowledge, and find people with the same interests. So far, it is growing rapidly and may become a part of important digital marketing tools.

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